5 Step Sitting Meditation

I travel a lot. It means lots of waiting. Sitting in an airplane for 1 to 17 hours on a trip, waiting in lines for food or shopping, security check, and for many other unexpected events. Whatever situation I may be in, I found doing meditation, usually multiple short ones, is helpful to relax and stay fresh. Here are the 5 steps I follow each time for meditating in public:

5 Step Sitting Meditation

  1. Anchor my feet on the ground: I press the bottoms of both feet firmly yet gently and connect them to the ground.
  2. Rest my buttocks on the two third back surface of the chair: 1 and 2 help me relax my legs and torso.
  3. Place both palms on the upper sides of knees: This keeps my elbows and shoulders from tension, freeing my head to rest lightly.
  4. Relax the eyelids and gaze at the tip of the nose: This helps me contain my attention and relax the facial muscles for calmness.
  5. Watch my breath: I breathe in and breathe out; the diaphragm goes down and comes up; the belly goes out and comes in. Each thought comes in and goes out. Watching what comes and goes, I see my mind calms down and I feel refreshed in just a few minutes.

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