The purpose of meditation is to find peace of mind. For serious practitioners, meditation is a way of searching for the true nature of self.

There are numerous health benefits of meditation practice. Even a few minutes of meditation can result in accumulative positive effects such as lowering high blood pressure, increasing attention span, improving cognitive function, creativity, emotional regulation, and sleep patterns.

However, practicing meditation can be difficult, even for experienced practitioners. But having some practical tips and knowledge of how to start meditation and how to hold the attention make meditation more accessible and even enjoyable.

How to Prevent Stiffness in the Lower Back during Sitting Meditation

Three exercises to prevent or reduce stiffness by loosening up your body before, during, and after meditation.

How to Prevent Stiffness in the Lower Back during Sitting Meditation

5 Step Mindful Meditation Series

Five simple steps to calming and engaging your mind for a successful meditation experience.

Part 1   |   Part 2    |    Part 3

8 Tips for Mindful Meditation

Daily meditation is a good investment in your mind health. But how do you make it an enjoyable event? Here are 8 simple tips to help:

8 Tips for Mindful Meditation

Meditation Survival Kit

Just as we take a survival kit with essential items on a wilderness hike, we should each have our own meditation survival kit to ease our journey through our mind. Here is what I pack in my meditation survival kit:

Meditation Survival Kit

Combating Distraction During Meditation

The problem with distractions is that the more you try to cut them out, the more they multiply. Learn some key strategies for reducing distraction during meditation without struggle:

Combating Distraction During Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is generally used to relieve physical discomfort during sitting meditation.

       Part 1: 5 Keys to Walking Meditation

       Part 2: 5 Ways of Practicing Walking Meditation

Of Mice & Meditation

During meditation, thoughts enter the mind, stay, and leave, if you don’t dwell on them.

Of Mice & Meditation

Living Meditation

Wherever we go, there is no place where no people suffer. Like desert grass, we endure, watching life unfolding, eventually, equally. Living, like a meditation session, is of one to be the way to alleviate the suffering and un-suppress our nature.

Living Meditation

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