About MBX12


MBX-12, the primary intervention protocol for our clinical study, has shown efficacy on reducing stress, normalizing stress hormones, improving sleep and balance.

MBX 12, created by Dr. Sang H. Kim, is the twelve essential movements of the mindfulness-based stretching and deep breathing exercises (MBX). MBX-12 consists of the 12 core and 52 connecting movements that activate the 12 meridians, the inner energy channels in the body.

MBX 12 was the primary intervention protocol for the randomized controlled clinical trial investigating the effects of mindful movement on reducing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. The study results were published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Where to watch

You can view a video demonstration of all 12 postures at Youtube (search term: MBX12).

You can also watch 30 minute instructional video at Amazon.com (free for Amazon Prime Members).

Here is a video of MBX12 Mindful Movement in Sitting Position, a modified version of the MBX12 Original for non-ambulatory practitioners.

Where to read more

You can choose the movement you would like to read below:

MBX-1: Awakening Posture

MBX-2: Carrier Posture

MBX-3: Infinity Posture

MBX-4: Finger Wheel Posture

MBX-5: Peacock Posture 

MBX-6: Twins Posture

MBX-7: Big Bow Posture

MBX-8: Lotus Posture

MBX-9: Condensing Posture

MBX-10: Planting Posture

MBX-11: Cradling Posture

MBX-12: Unity Posture

Book: Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy

Expected Effects

Into the first 15 seconds of the practice  you may feel rising calmness spreading through the hands, arms, lungs, and chest. With the second movement, you may feel the heart opening up and being filled with abundant fresh energy.

The third movement helps to restore peacefulness and strong composure in you. Continuing practice up to the seventh movement would stretch the major muscles and nerves in your body.

The eighth movement stimulates the lowest energy center under the feet, called the Bubbling Spring-accupoint #1 of the Kidney Meridian, connecting the body to and drawing in energy from the earth.Wellbeing Connection FlowWhen you take up the energy, from the feet to the chest, through a long steady inhalation, you can surely feel the stretching sensation rising from the slowly elongating muscles and nerves along the front of the torso bringing you a sense of inner balance.

Upon completion of the twelfth movement you will feel relaxed, focused, and rejuvenated. If not satisfied, repeat the 12 movements again. In a slower pace.


It takes about 3-4 minutes to complete the sequence. With slower breathing, for advanced practitioners, one cycle may take 5 to 7 minutes. At breath rates of moderate (6 seconds per breath) to slower (15 seconds per breath) pace, the sync of the mind and body seems to occur faster.

3-Step MBX Practice

To experience the flow of MBX exercise, be aware of the mental and physical components in the transition of each posture: attention, centering, and release.

MBX-12: Hidden Energy

Attention is deliberately to focus the mind on a specific action in a specific part of your body. For example, when the mind begins to wander off, open your fingers as widely as you can. That hand-opening action brings your awareness to the body in the present moment. Once you anchor the mind to the body, your mindful movements can mobilize the awareness across the body, releasing tensions and building inner energy.

Centering means intentionally directing your breath flow to the place where you want it to be. Typically these places are somewhere in the middle or lower center of your body. When this breath control is coupled with physically lowering your posture, the effect becomes greater.

Release is intentionally stepping back from and disengaging with your thoughts, emptying the mind. Let things go, but accept and embrace what’s left: your body, the container of your thoughts and feelings. This is an unburdening and refreshing stage.
Three-step mindful practice is a process for guiding your physical and mental energy. Energy is transient. It changes. It is consumed and built. It is discharged and recharged. With your intention, when you are attentive, centered, and letting go, somewhere deep within you, fresh energy rises. It is a seed for growth and strength.

In summary, the 3-step MBX practice principles guide your movement providing you with a sense of beginning, middle and ending stages of each movement. As you progress, you will be less conscious of each stages, but have more feeling of free flowing inner energy and sensation that connects the 1st segment of MBX-1 and the last segment of MBX-12, seamlessly as one.

Safety Caution:

Throughout your practice, make sure to listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, gently kneel or sit and rest until you feel ready to resume practice. If you have discomfort in your knees, neck or spine, reduce the degree of bending or tilting your joints. If you need any medical assistance, please consult with your physician prior to your practice.

Material published in MBX12.org is covered by copyright. © 2010-2016 Sang H. Kim, All rights reserved. 

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