There are two versions of MBX-12 practice on this page: Standing and Sitting Practice. You can view all 12 postures from standing position below.

Here is a video of MBX12 Mindful Movement in Sitting Position. It’s a modified version of the MBX12 Original. I developed this sitting method of practice for non-ambulatory practitioners who are primarily at risk of falling or recovering from stroke. But I hope this to be of help to anyone who has difficulties in standing exercise. Enjoy.

The benefits of the Sitting Practice include:

1. You can better control your movement.
2. You can reduce falling risks.
3. You can practice anywhere sitting.
4. You can practice any time.
5. You can practice any segment to fit your needs.
6. This is a good transitional practice to prepare for ambulatory practice.
7. You can focus on torso exercises.

You can also watch 30 minute instructional video at (free for Amazon Prime Members).