How to Experience Peace of Mind with MBX-12 Practice: Spring Workshop 2015 Week 6

Peace of mind is only as good as the strength of the mind that forges it with the body.

Peace of mind is only as good as the strength of the mind that forges it with the body.

In practicing MBX-12, the less you think about the movement or sequence, the more mindful you become. And peace of mind follows. It is a process of learning how to give your body a chance to work from the inside out.

For example, every morning, I take 3 minutes for my mind to have a break. I give my body a chance to take over my mind through practicing the 3-minute 12 movement routine of MBX-12.

To start, I  raise my arms slowly for the 1st sequence, being very mindful of the changes in every inch of my movement and sensing the self-soothing effects due to the altering hemodynamic (blood flow) in the muscles and veins along the arms.

As my hands reach the top, far above my head with elbows touching my ears, I feel my lungs filled with fresh oxygen and the joy of stretching like a big yawn.

When my arms are slowly, even reluctantly, going down away from the top, like falling petals, my heart becomes calmer. This action calms my morning. A small step toward peace for the day.

By the time I complete the 12 movement sequences, taking about 3 minutes, there is a strong sense of my presence connected with the moment in the place, an absence of anxious hurry.

That’s how I  begin my day, setting the tone. A mini personal ceremony to meet the grace of time given to me.

Early Morning Practice

In early morning practice, the first few seconds determine the tone and mood of the body taking the mind away from where it usually tends to be, disgruntled and anxious, ready to tackle the day.

One benefit I get from MBX-12 practice in the early morning is the possibility of having a submersed experience under my conscious self, like diving in the water deeply snorkeling in serene comfort, only hearing the sound of my heart.

As my body engages in the practice, the mind sinks. Less restless. Leaving the body to lead.

Changes in Awareness

There are gradual changes in the direction of my awareness: from a narrow exclusive focus to a broader inclusive awareness. Like the body floats in the water, with every part connected with the body of the water, my awareness floats in the middle of the physical sensation.

There are also changes in the quality of awareness: my attention intensity deepens and the range of my focus enlarges. The scope of my awareness increases.

Gradually, my intention to feel the physical sensation diminishes. Less effort is required. My intentional efforts are replaced with a pure awareness of the moving body and breath. This helps save the mind from troubling thoughts and energy, giving it a break.

Unity with the Breath

Initially I pay attention to each movement, inch-by-inch, synchronizing my in-breath and out-breath with the expanding and shrinking of the body. However, my attention stays non-focused. I do not pay attention to specific parts of the body or to a certain technicality of a movement, but keep my awareness open to the entire body and my presence. This way, I flow with my sensation that constantly changes as I move along with MBX-1, 2, 3, 4, 5…and 12.

By the time I complete the final movement of MBX-12, I experience a sense of unity, a feeling of inclusiveness. Inclusive of everything, my mind, my body, the room, the sunlight, the trees, the air, the birds…

Each movement helps me get closer to a bigger break for the mind.

The secret is in practice. Wholeheartedly. Every time. This is what forges my body with my mind. Unbreakable. At least at that moment.

Peace of mind is only as good as the strength of the mind that forges it with the body. And that’s what the 3-minute MBX-12 practice I do does for me.

So I hope it does for you, too.

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