MBX12 Mindful Movement at Oxford

1280x720 TV GraphicWatch MBX12 Mindful Movement at Oxford video.

Every morning for five days, in the peaceful and beautiful courtyard of St. Hugh’s College at the University of Oxford or in the Christ Church Meadows, dozens of passionate mindful movement practitioners from various countries got together and practiced MBX12.University of OxfordFor this particular session, since most of the participants were in quite advanced levels in their practices, I emphasized different intensities of breathing: inhalation being short and forceful, exhalation being calm and consistent in tonality.MBX12 Practice at OxfordThis morning, I could taste the sweetness of the air and take in much more oxygen molecules than usual, spreading them into every corner of my body.

As my limbs stretch and bend and twist, flowing blood exits the lungs and enters my heart, filling and emptying the vessels in the muscles and organs.

Attention, centering and releasing are the three step cycle that every movement follows.Oxford2Upon completion of each session, the body inside, like the inside of a tube which fresh water passes through, becomes clean and lively. Invigorated and rejuvenating.

Mornings well spent with good mindful fellows at Oxford.

For detailed instructions, visit About MBX12.

2 thoughts on “MBX12 Mindful Movement at Oxford

  1. Thank you for sending this on Dr. Kim. Looks like you had a great time in Oxford. I see you are giving your class in Foxboro now; that is great. I continue doing MBX12 almost every day – my A1C number has come way down!

    Best, Matt Person Falmouth

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