Resilience Factors: Flow of MBX 12, Part 3

Resilience Factors

Summaries of the presentations and my personal reflections on how to successfully bounce back from setbacks.

Notes by Sang H. Kim, Ph.D.

I blog about them as a series. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

One Flow Movements

As the river that flows is healthy, the body that is in certain flows sustains its vitality.

During a year-long hospitalization in the military in 1980, I created One Flow Movement Routine consisting of one hundred eight martial art techniques and called it Mohmnori. The purpose was to find peace of mind and regain health. It turned out that Mohmnori helped me regain mental strength and sense of self. It connected my body with an undisturbed sense of mind.


MBX-4: Finger Wheel movement helps to control and focus on the terminals of the fingers and toes, through which both hemispheres of the brain interact for optimal balance.

Flow Experience

A movement routine is a kind of ritual and a ritual of any sort helps to focus. It reduces distractions. A warrior bows to her god or ancestors before heading to war. The ritual removes the self and creates a much larger self that shares the realms of greater forces. In unity with these bigger spirits we are no longer bumping into little matters. We flow in one big force.

Flowing in a bigger force is crucial for experiencing resilience. Having a routine or ritual and totally immersing the self in it is what I experience in practicing MBX-12. Fluidity is the key. Fluidity directs our senses. One flow of movement. One flow of thought.

To be continued…

Resilience Building for Performance is a science-based experiential training strategy for stress resilience. It consists of a 60-minute presentation and 20-minute hands-on MBX-12 practice modified for agents working in the field and office. This and following blogs are the partial summary of my recent presentations for Leadership Training Programs for law-enforcement and security agencies and educational institutes in the US, UK, Ireland, and Korea.

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