How to Practice the Two Wheels of Breathing

Breathing is one of the essential vehicles for mindfulness practice. It helps you bring back your attention to the present moment when distracted, balance the body’s rhythm when broken, restore energy in the brain and body for health, and bridges between the conscious level of the mind and the subconsciousness.MBX-12 Wheel Breathing MethodsIn MBX-12 practice, two breathing methods are used: Forward Wheel Breathing and Reverse Wheel Breathing. Forward Wheel Breathing helps you build inner strength; Reverse Wheel Breathing heightens your consciousness.

How to Practice the Two Wheels of Breathing” is a summary of various breathing techniques taught by Dr. Sang H. Kim during the MBX-12 Spring Workshop in 2015.

Part 1: Deep Breathing Drives Inner Energy

Part 2: Deep Breathing Fosters Inner Harmony

Part 3: Deep Breathing Heightens Inner Consciousness

3 Principles of Deep Breathing

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