For Beginners

Welcome to MBX-12 practice!

If you have never practiced MBX-12, you may watch the entire sequence here so that you have some visual ideas about what kinds of movements are involved.

Then visit the 1st movement page and practice the Awakening Posture at your own pace. Once you are familiar with the 1st movement, move on to the 2nd movement, then the 3rd movement. The first three movements are the foundation that generally sets the tone of practicing the entire routine.

Once you are familiar with the first 3 movements, watch the video again and work on what you find valuable for your progress such as pacing and breathing.

After learning  MBX1, 2, and 3, you may add the 4th movement to your routine. Then continue to add the 5th, and 6th movement.

If you need additional help with your balance, coordination, and strength of the joint, read the MBX-12 Warm-up section and practice some or all of them as you need. They will help you develop sensory coordination, sense of balance, and movement awareness as well as improve circulation.

For mental preparation, please read the 5 Considerations in MBX-12 Practice.

The entire movement descriptions are here.

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