MBX-12 The Mindful Movement


Mindful Movement is an exercise for connecting the mind with the body by deliberately bringing attention to the present moment.

MBX-12 is the 12 mindful movements that do just that. Furthermore, MBX-12 is designed to stimulate the 12 energy channels or meridians in the body and cultivate the flow of inner energy.

3 Principles of Mindfulness

The three principles for mindful practice are attention, centering, and release. Each of these principles has a specific physical component in MBX practice. By translating the conceptual principles into physical practice, we make them easier to attain.

The Attention component brings the eyes to focus on a specific part of the body (e.g., the center of the palm while stretching your fingers) reducing distractions caused by external sensory stimuli and allowing the mind to feel internal sensations, guided by visual attention.

The Centering component brings the physical body lower than usual, allowing us to  feel the force of gravity and changes in the inner energy dynamics of the lower limbs. By sinking the body lower, we encourage our inner force to rise from the feet, traveling upward to the thigh, stomach, chest, and to the brain. Centering enhances our sense of balance, increases inner strength, and helps to strengthen sense of self.

The Release component works like emptying a cup so that it can be filled anew. Using a long mindful exhalation is a cleansing process, expelling carbon dioxide to allow for inhaling fresh oxygen. Releasing also triggers a mental letting go. By practicing letting go, the body naturally takes in more energy.

A full circle of Attention-Centering-Release is a seamless proactive process of influx, diffusion and efflux, cleansing the body of stale energy and taking in fresh energy. This process is healing and energizing, not only at the cellular level, but in the systemic and holistic dimension. Through the practice of MBX, the mind and body become an integrated whole, communicating reciprocally for optimal internal balance.

Watch MBX-12 Original video.

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