Mindful Movement & Meditation Workshop: Spring 2015 Week 1

This workshop was organized and sponsored by the Department of Human Services of the beautiful Town of Falmouth in Massachusetts. Below is the list of the exercises we practiced together on Day 1 of the weekly 8-week course. Detailed instructions and photos will follow in the near future. 


Hand- Arm Loosening

  1. Palm rubbing
  2. Back hand rubbing
  3. Hand washing
  4. Cross finger rotation small wave
  5. Finger lock stretching
  6. Cross finger rotation big wave
  7. Shake

Shoulder Conditioning (To be introduced in Week 2)

  1. Shoulder rotation forward & backward
  2. Shoulder up & dip
  3. Shoulder forward & backward
  4. Diagonal shoulders
  5. Shoulder walk
  6. Shoulder back stroke
  7. Shoulder cradling & torso rotation

Sensory Toning

  1. Hammering arms (gently)
  2. Pressing arms
  3. Rubbing arms
  4. Rolling hammer arms (to be introduced in Week 2)
  5. Finger tap
  6. Five points (gently)
  7. Palm strikes

Eye-Neck Exercise (To be introduced in Week 2)

  1. From the center to the sky
  2. From the sky to the earth
  3. From the earth to the center
  4. From the center to the left
  5. From left to the right
  6. Back to the center
  7. From the center to the earth, rotate the head clockwise to the sky then to the earth. Then rotate the head counterclockwise.  Back to the center.

Centering Practice 

  1. Natural Stance: Start/end position
  2. Horse stance
  3. Right Dodge
  4. Left Dodge
  5. Right rear turn push
  6. Left rear turn push
  7. Front arm raise in heel-out stance
  8. Side arm opening in toe-out stance
  9. Two hands on knees shoulder dip in toe-out stance (to be introduced in Week 3)
  10. Spider squat in toe-out stance (to be introduced in Week 4)


MBX 1: Awakening Posture

mbx1 chart origx600

MBX 1: Awakening Posture

MBX-2: Carrier Posture

mbx2-chart origx600

MBX 2: Carrier Posture

MBX-3: Infinity Posture

mbx-3 chart origx600

MBX 3: Infinity Posture


Mindful Hands: repeat 3 times

Meditation & Visualization for the MBX1, 2, & 3.

Thanks for your interest in MBX-12: Mindfulness-based Stretching and Deep Breathing Exercises.

See you in the next session.

Sang H. Kim, PhD

Creator, MBX-12

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